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Jay Abraham, one of America's most famous business consultants and entrepreneurs says, “If you need copywriting on any topic, the first person you call is Kevin Finn.”

Dear Business Owner and Marketer,

If you've ever marveled at a direct mail piece or ad that was sheer "genius," and wondered "Who wrote that?"...

Or if you've seen the same direct mail piece or ad time and time again, sometimes mailing or running for years, and wondered, "How much money is that guy pulling in each month?"...

...chances are good the piece was written by one of my elite direct response copywriters!

How to Find -- and Hire -- the Most Sought-After Direct Response Freelance Copywriters in the U.S. ... With One Phone Call

The top freelance direct response copywriters don't advertise -- they don't have to. But how do you reach them if you don't know their names...don't know where they live...don't know what they charge?

You simply pick up the phone and call me.

My name is Kevin Finn, and for the past 25 years, I've represented over 40 of the elite direct response copywriters in the business. Individually, these copywriters have earned their reputations by developing the ads and mailers that make their clients rich.

At FinnCom, we take the mystery out of finding and contacting the writers behind the most successful direct-response copy today -- the writers who bring in results time after time. Nowhere else will you find one source for copywriters with expertise in so many fields.

You could spend weeks trying to find the right copywriter for your project -- wondering if the people you're talking to really know their business -- or you could make just one phone call to FinnCom.

Jay Abraham, one of America's most famous business consultants and entrepreneurs says,

“If you need copywriting on any topic, the first person you call is Kevin”

Several of my copywriters are famous. All have created winning control packages. And several are recognizable names through their own successful newsletters and books on direct response.

Winning direct response copy is hard to write. It takes a special talent, intuitive knowledge of sales techniques, and the ability to motivate readers to act. Considering it costs the same to send a mailer with poor copy as it does to send one with attention-grabbing, response-inducing copy, your payoff from hiring the best copywriters available can be enormous.

It simply doesn't make sense to waste time and money testing unproven copywriters. Especially when a single package written by one of the masters can give you a winning control that could last for years.

4 Reasons Why Using FinnCom Will Make Your Next Promotion Not Just Successful, But a Breakthrough

  1. You're going to substantially increase your sales, response and profits by using the world's best direct-response copywriters.
  2. You're going to get writers with proven experience in creating winning packages. These aren't newcomers still trying to prove their worth; they're writers who have helped sell over $100 million a year in products and services for the largest and most successful mailers in America.
  3. You're going to dramatically reduce your risks when doing a promotion, because you're using writers who know the direct-response business and understand the techniques of improving response.
  4. You're going to save a lot of time and frustration by having one source for top-notch copywriters. I know each writer's strengths and talents, and will be able to recommend two or three writers to you immediately.

One Call is All it Takes. And There's No Obligation.

A single call can make your life a lot easier. You'll have instant access to the creative network of top direct response marketing talent it has taken me 25 years to hone. My reputation is solid. If you haven't heard of me, one of your colleagues probably has.

While I'm not pushing "bargains," all the talented professionals I represent will charge you fairly. It's never a mistake to pay top dollar to produce top results when you're risking a small fortune on mailing or insertion fees.

Look over some of the information here in my web site. You can even see samples of some winning promotions my copywriters have created. Then give me a call to find out how to put one of my writers to work for you.

Kevin Finn
Los Angeles